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Do you have a long car or train journey ahead of you? You know very well how guilty you’ll feel if you once again succumb to the temptation of a bar of chocolate, a bag of sweets or a sausage roll. The solution is to take along Tommies snack vegetables. In a bag or a sturdy plastic container. Tasty, healthy and convenient. If you make sure you always have a supply close at hand you’ll find it much easier to resist the lure of unhealthy snacks.

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Healthy snacks
for kids

Children love anything sweet, but vegetables sadly tend to rank low on their list of favourite food. As a sensible parent you of course want you children to eat healthy food. But you also want to indulge them and see them enjoy their food without having to argue with them all the time. Any parent will be familiar with this dilemma. It’s important to try to get children to taste new things, and to be patient with them. Make things easy and exciting for them by being creative instead of constantly harping on about them eating all their boring cooked vegetables at dinnertime. Give them a bowl of snack vegetables to nibble while they’re watching telly, invite them to choose from three different types of colourful snack vegetables at dinnertime or pack some snack veggies in their lunchbox, for them to take along to school with them. Snack tomatoes and sweet peppers are deliciously sweet while snack cucumbers are crisply refreshing. Before you know it they’ll be asking for more!

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We all know what it’s like: a long day at work, staring at your screen with a rumbling stomach. At times like that it’s very difficult to resist the temptations of the vending machine, the fried food served in the canteen or the biscuits on the conference table. But many of you will also be familiar with the dip that tends to follow the short-term kick provided by such snacks. Snack vegetables are the ideal solution for such moments too. The easily digestible snack vegetables allow you to satisfy hunger pangs with a clear conscience. Offer them to your guests during your meeting or nibble a handful along with your lunch. You’ll feel more refreshed, fitter and more comfortable in your own skin.

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Sports and
snack vegetables

After your workout you’ll want to head back home feeling really healthy. So next time, go for snack vegetables instead of the usual suspects from the sports club canteen, such as chips or an ice-cream. Eating vegetables is good for the moisture balance in your body. A major added advantage are all the nutrients you’re consuming unawares. So after enjoying a tasty, refreshing snack, you’ll feel fitter than ever after your workout.

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There’s growing concern at schools about all the unhealthy things to which the pupils treat one another to celebrate their birthdays, etc. Some schools have adjusted their policy to put an end to it all while others leave things up to the parents. Whatever the situation at your child’s school, be a sensible parent and go for treats that are healthy and tasty! Snack vegetables are a perfect choice. With a few cocktail sticks and some creativity you can turn them into fun figures that children will love. Or you could combine snack tomatoes with fruit of the season on a skewer. Insert the skewers in half a melon arranged upside down to create a colourful porcupine. You’ll find plenty of ideas for healthy treats on the Internet. Go to Pinterest for a wealth of inspiration. See what pops up when you enter mini, baby or snack tomatoes.

Celebratory treats at work tend to be very boring and uninspired – biscuits or cake. So why not surprise your colleagues with something unusual created with Tommies snack vegetables. Fill an attractive mug with a mixture of mini veggies for each of your colleagues and that will be the first treat that won’t be met with the usual comment of  ‘just a small piece for me, please’.



Of course you can enjoy mini vegetables straight from the bag, but why not try to be creative with them for a change? You may fancy something savoury, or perhaps you’d like to serve a tasty appetizer with your aperitifs. Colourful snack vegetables look good served any way. And people who are watching their weight will be most grateful to you for such tasty snacks. Serve your guests a selection of different types of appetizers, high and low in calories, and see how delighted they will be! You can make the most wonderful combinations with snack vegetables – combinations of different colours and/or different flavours. Be creative and stuff a snack cucumber or sweet pepper with cream cheese or cottage cheese. You’re bound to think of combinations to suit anyone’s taste. Try alternating snack tomatoes with, say, chunks of sausage, cubes of mozzarella and basil leaves on a skewer: savoury snacks that are as light as you want them to be!

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