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Healthy snack after a workout

Eating healthily during exercise is essential for good performance. For athletes a well-balanced diet with sufficient vitamins is of particular importance. So add Tommies snack vegetables to your diet as healthy snacks during exercise.

Tommies snack vegetables are the perfect healthy snacks during exercise, because:
– It gives you a positive and healthy feeling
– It maintains your fluid balance
– It helps your body to recover
– It provides the necessary vitamins and nutrients

Read on for more information about the benefits of eating Tommies snack vegetables as healthy snacks during exercise.

Eating healthily during exercise gives a positive feeling

If you’ve just had a good healthy workout, you want to take that good healthy feeling home with you. A lot of people eat junk food after exercise like it’s going out of style. That’s really a shame, because then the lovely healthy feeling melts away like a snowball in the sun. With healthy snacks during exercise you’ll hold on to that healthy feeling for longer. Healthy eating during exercise motivates you to get the absolute best from yourself, because doing things that are good for you feels good!

Maintain your fluid balance with healthy snacks

It is well known that you lose a lot of fluid from exercising. It’s important to replenish this fluid both during and after exercise, so that you maintain your fluid balance. Eating our snack vegetables as a healthy snack during exercise is an excellent way to help maintain a good fluid balance. Our cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and sweet peppers largely consist of moisture. Our cherry tomatoes have a moisture content of no less than 95%! Adding snack vegetables to your diet during exercise means that your body gets enough moisture and will recover faster.

Vitamins and nutrients

The mountain of vitamins and nutrients that Tommies snack vegetables give you is extra handy. Our snack vegetables are rich in vitamins that are important for every athlete. By eating these healthy snacks during exercise, you give your body enough energy during exercise as well as the building materials needed for later. So our snack tomatoes have a positive effect on the muscles, because they contain high levels of potassium. The snack cucumbers contain essential fibre and they hydrate the body with naturally purified water. With their high vitamin C content, the sweet peppers contribute to helping you focus during exercise because vitamin C reduces your fatigue.

Our passion

Tomato growers in heart and soul, we know everything there is to know about tomatoes. Driven by our love and passion for our work we continue to innovate, and to use our expertise and experience to develop and sell a wider range of snack vegetables.

Our mission

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To use our passion and innovative drive to supply versatile, tasty and natural snack vegetables that contribute towards a fulfilling healthy diet and a conscious lifestyle.

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