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Little vitamin C bombs help you deal with stress

A healthy snack at work

At work we’re busy all day long, switching from project to project at top speed. Hard work takes energy. So a snack is always handy, but there’s often very little time to prepare healthy snacks at work. Unhealthy snacks that are high in fat are usually close at hand and take preference. With our snack vegetables, Tommie encourages the eating of healthy snacks at work.

Tommies snack vegetables are the ideal healthy snacks for work. Ready to eat, rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients, and easy to take along and share. With a few cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers or snack peppers, you’ve once again got the energy to keep on working. And with a handful of snack vegetables, you’ve already got half the recommended daily vegetables!

Avoid absenteeism caused by illness, by providing healthy snacks at work

As an employer, it is wise to encourage – and to offer – healthy snacks at work. With Tommies snack vegetables you ensure that your employees get their daily vitamins and nutrients. The vitamins and nutrients in cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers make for more energetic employees with better immune systems. Put Tommies snack vegetables in a central location in the office. This helps to prevent absenteeism due to illness, by offering healthy snacks!

With healthy snacks at work, you not only reduce the risk of absenteeism due to illness, but you can also show that you’re socially responsible. Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important, and it begins in the workplace itself. By offering healthy snacks at work, you give your company a healthy image.

Healthy treats at work

When it comes to treating others at work, there’s often not a lot of creativity involved. It is cake, cake or cake. If you really want to surprise your colleagues, give Tommies snack vegetables a try. Make up a nice cup for each colleague with a mix of mini veggies and you’ve got the first treat to which none of your colleagues say, “Not too big a piece for me thanks.” Treating others at work – healthily – doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s almost impossible to find a healthier treat for colleagues than Tommies snack vegetables. Our snack vegetables contain no sugars or saturated fats, but are rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients. And by switching between our cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers, it’s easy to eat a variety of foods too.

Feeling inspired to give a healthy treat at work? Take a look at our snack vegetables.

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Tomato growers in heart and soul, we know everything there is to know about tomatoes. Driven by our love and passion for our work we continue to innovate, and to use our expertise and experience to develop and sell a wider range of snack vegetables.

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