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Healthy treats for kids

Healthy treats for kids

Kids’ birthdays are one big party! Presents, streamers, guests and of course a yummy treat for everyone at school. Many schools have banned crisps and sweets, and want healthy treats at school. Children get something like 30 treats each school year. And that’s fine, because having a birthday means a party! But it’s a good idea to choose healthy, low-calorie treats to hand out at school. That doesn’t mean that yummy treats for children are a thing of the past, because tasty and healthy children’s treats are easy to find.

The whole class will love Tommies, because the snack vegetables are perfect for original and healthy children’s treats.

Healthy children treats? Use Tommies snack vegetables as your starting point

Because our snack vegetables, in addition to being vegetables, also serve as snacks or sweets, they form the ideal basis for a healthy children’s treat. Thanks to the deliciously sweet taste and cheery, colourful look of the cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers, you can make kids’ treats healthy and festive. And Tommies snack vegetables have a playful appearance that presents many opportunities to use it as a children’s treat.

Do you need ideas for healthy treats for school? Tommies is happy to help!

Healthy children’s treats: Knapsacks filled with snack vegetables

Use pieces of material to make knapsacks on sticks, and fill the bags with Tommies snack veggies. The different colours of the cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers give a cheerful effect! A festive and healthy treat to take to school.

Healthy children’s treats: Colourful vegetable skewers

Thread our snack tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers onto a long sate skewer. Alternate between the different Tommies snack vegetables to make a colourful mix. If you’re feeling really creative you can make a party hat, clown or present from paper or felt to attach the top of the skewer. Prefer to stand the skewers up? Then stick them into something like a mandarin or half an apple. Delight the class with this healthy treat!

Healthy children’s treats: Vegetable necklaces

Looking for a fun twist on the vegetable skewer? Then try this treat for your child to take to school. Use Tommies cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and/or sweet peppers to make a fun vegetable necklace! Cut the vegetables into pieces and thread them onto a string. Knot the thread, and the colourful vegetable necklace is finished. A colourful, original and healthy children’s treat in no time flat.

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