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Make your own healthy snacks

Naturally you can eat Tommies snack vegetables just as they are, but don’t be scared to get creative. It’s really easy to make your own healthy snacks. Make an original and healthy snack to enjoy at home on the couch, or at a party. After all, delicious snacks are an essential part of a successful birthday! Give your guests a selection of different vegetable snacks; they are sure to appreciate them! And with the cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers from Tommies, it’s very easy to make healthy snacks. A lot of the snacks are ready in no time.

Need some inspiration to create your own healthy snacks? Then take a look at the recipes for healthy snacks on this page. A snack cucumber or snack pepper filled with cream cheese or cottage cheese: there’s something for everyone. Or vegetable skewers with, for example, a piece of smoked sausage, mozzarella, tomatoes, and a basil leaf. Deliciously savoury, and as light as you want to make it!

Need inspiration? Check out these healthy snack recipes!

Healthy snack recipe: Colourful vegetable skewers

Thread the Tommies snack tomatoes, snack cucumbers or snack peppers onto a long sate skewer, together with other vegetables and/or lean meat. Make lots of different combinations, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. It makes a colourful skewer. Great to serve at a party or as a treat at school! This recipe for a healthy snack is fast and easy to make, and the taste is sure to please.

Healthy snack recipe: Vegetable necklaces

This healthy snack recipe is a fun variation on the vegetable skewer, and makes a great treat for children. Use Tommies snack vegetables to make a beautiful necklace. Chop the snack cucumbers, snack peppers and cherry tomatoes into pieces. Thread a (food safe) thread through the cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and pieces of pepper, tie the ends together, and the colourful snack necklace is ready. It’s easy to make your own healthy snacks that are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Healthy snack recipe: Veggie bowls with dip

For a healthy snack, make a veggie bowl with a delicious dip. Slice the top off a snack pepper, use a spoon to hollow out the pepper (or do it carefully with a knife), and fill the veggie bowl with a tasty yoghurt dip. Serve these veggie bowls with dip at parties or simply enjoy as a snack. It’s clear that making healthy snacks doesn’t have to take much time.

Healthy snack recipe: Toasted roll with cream cheese and snack vegetables

Toast a roll and spread it with light cream cheese. Then top the toasted roll with our cherry tomatoes, snack cucumbers and/or snack peppers. Add some fresh chives as the finishing touch on this healthy homemade snack. Tip: If you have a bit more time to make your own healthy snacks, grill the snack vegetables too.

Healthy snack recipe: Vegetables stuffed with cream cheese

Slice our snack vegetables in halves and hollow them out. Then stuff the snack tomatoes, snack cucumbers and/or snack peppers with a light cream cheese. This makes it easy to have variety in the healthy snacks you make, by alternating snack vegetables. Tasty, fast, healthy and varied. Try this healthy snack recipe soon!

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