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Child won’t eat vegetables

“My child won’t eat vegetables.” Unfortunately this is something we at Tommies hear much too often. Does your child also refuse to eat vegetables? Perhaps the snack tomatoes, snack cucumbers or snack peppers from Tommies have the solution!

It’s a nightmare for every parent: your child won’t eat vegetables. Tommies snack veggies offer hope for this problem. Because our snack vegetables can also act as snacks or sweets, they may be able to convince your child to eat vegetables. Snack vegetables have a deliciously sweet taste, making them the ideal ‘entry-level vegetables’ when your child won’t eat veggies. A blind taste test with our cherry tomatoes even found that 8 out of 10 children thought they were tasting a sweet rather than snack tomatoes. The playful packaging of Tommies snack vegetables, featuring a clown with a tomato for a nose, provides a chance to introduce your children to vegetables in a playful way. Make vegetables into a feast for the eye, for example by arranging the food in the shape of a clown’s face with the tomato as a nose!

Tommies motivates your child to eat vegetables

Does your child refuse to eat vegetables? It’s important to do something about it. Fruit alone doesn’t give a child all the important vitamins and nutrients. To get all the right vitamins and nutrients, it is easy to spread the vegetable intake throughout the entire day. With a handful of Tommies snack vegetables as healthy snacks your child has already eaten half of the vegetables he or she needs, and that’s before dinner!

The small size of our snack vegetables will appeal to the child more than a big plate of vegetables. So does your child not eat vegetables? Then encourage him or her to eat the “only little” snack vegetables. In addition, the snack tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers are easy to ‘hide’ in meals. Finely-chopped snack vegetables are less obvious and can gradually encourage vegetable consumption.

At Tommies we think it’s important for children to eat more vegetables. Hopefully our snack vegetables can help you to motivate your children to eat more vegetables. Together we can make the remark, “My child doesn’t eat vegetables” a thing of the past for you!.

Our passion

Tomato growers in heart and soul, we know everything there is to know about tomatoes. Driven by our love and passion for our work we continue to innovate, and to use our expertise and experience to develop and sell a wider range of snack vegetables.

Our mission

Passion and innovation for an enjoyable long life’’

To use our passion and innovative drive to supply versatile, tasty and natural snack vegetables that contribute towards a fulfilling healthy diet and a conscious lifestyle.

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