Sweet peppers healthy

Are sweet peppers healthy?

As part of a healthy diet, snack peppers are the perfect snack! Eating a variety of food is one of the most important aspects of a healthy diet. It is therefore important that you eat enough vegetables, in addition to fruit and bread. Unhealthy snacks high in saturated fats and salt are actually very bad for you. It is more sensible to replace these snacks with a healthy snack. So sweet paprika as a healthy snack has a double effect. It helps you to eat enough vegetables, and at the same time replaces unhealthy snacks.

Eat peppers as a healthy snack, with the snack peppers from Tommies!

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vegetables for a person aged 14 or older is 200 grams. The statistics show how difficult it is to achieve this:
– Children aged between 7 and 18 eat on average only 77 grams of vegetables per day
– Only 1% of children aged between 7 and 18 eat the recommended amount of vegetables

With snack peppers as a healthy snack it’s easy to fit the necessary vegetables into your diet, or that of your child(ren):
– Snack peppers are easy to take with you and to eat at any time and place
– Sweet pepper is healthy, because it is low in calories, but still contains many nutrients
– Thanks to the different types and colours sweet pepper is healthy, because it’s easy to enjoy lots of variety.
– Sweet pepper as a healthy snack or with lunch spreads your vegetable consumption across the whole day

Why is sweet pepper healthy?

Sweet pepper is healthy because it is rich in folate, vitamin C and vitamin E. For each of these, we will explain below what makes sweet pepper healthy.

Due to the folate level sweet pepper is especially healthy during pregnancy. Folate helps to ensure good tissue growth during pregnancy and helps to boost the growth of the unborn baby. The folate in sweet pepper is also healthy outside pregnancy. By getting enough folate you strengthen your immune system and blood cell production, and help to reduce fatigue.

In addition to folate, sweet pepper has a healthy vitamin C content, which has a very healthy effect. Just like folate, vitamin C helps to boost your immune system and reduce fatigue. So eating snack peppers is good for the immune system and gives you energy! The vitamin C in sweet pepper is also very healthy for the blood vessels, bones, teeth and gums, and the skin.

Sweet pepper also contains a lot of vitamin E, an important antioxidant for our bodies. Vitamin E protects the cells, cell walls, bloodstream and tissue from damage due to unsaturated fats. Vitamin E also regulates the metabolism in our cells. Vitamin E prevents them being damaged by the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin E regulates the metabolism in the cell too.
So there are many answers to the question, ‘Why is sweet pepper healthy?’ Eating sweet peppers is healthy for our immune systems, energy, blood vessels, bones, teeth, gums, skin and cells. One thing is clear: the snack peppers from Tommies are an extremely healthy snack!

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