Nutritional value Sweet Peppers

The nutritional value of sweet peppers

Snack peppers are low in calories and are therefore a very healthy snack. Perhaps even more important, the nutritional value of peppers is very high. By referring to the ‘high nutritional value’ of sweet peppers we mean that they contain many useful nutrients.

The nutritional value of a product outlines the amount of energy per 100 gram serving. Foods with a high nutritional value, such as sweet peppers, contain:
– Sufficient energy (kcal)
– Many useful nutrients

Unlike our snack peppers, some foods are not as valuable as part of your diet. These are products that contain few useful nutrients, but are nonetheless high in calories. On this page we will describe the nutritional value of sweet peppers at length.

What is the nutritional value of sweet peppers?

The nutritional value of sweet peppers is very high. From 100 grams of sweet peppers your body gets an average of 109 kilojoules of energy. This energy comes mainly from the carbohydrates in sweet peppers. Another positive point is that sweet peppers contain no saturated fats, as a result of which they have few calories.

The high nutritional value of sweet peppers is primarily thanks to the high level of potassium in sweet peppers. There are 350 milligrams of potassium in sweet pepper, per 100 gram serving.

Potassium ensures proper functioning of the muscles as well as fast conduction of nerve impulses, and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Due to this amount of potassium, the nutritional value of peppers is undisputed. Eating our snack peppers as a snack is therefore good for keeping blood pressure levels, the muscles and the nervous system healthy.

The vitamins in sweet peppers

In addition to the amount of potassium and other nutrients, the amount of vitamins in sweet pepper also makes an important contribution to the nutritional value. The most important vitamin in sweet pepper is vitamin C. There is a high level of vitamin C in sweet peppers, namely 150 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of sweet peppers. These vitamins in sweet pepper help to ensure healthy bones, blood vessels, teeth and gums. In addition, vitamin C helps us to feel more energetic and to have stronger immune systems. Vitamin C is therefore very important. In addition to vitamin C, there is also a lot of vitamin B11 in sweet pepper.

These large levels of vitamins in sweet pepper give it high nutritional value.
When you want a healthy snack with high nutritional value, Tommies snack peppers are therefore an excellent choice.

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