Nutritional value cucumber

The nutritional value of cucumber

Cucumber is a very healthy vegetable. Not only because a cucumber has few calories, but also because of the high nutritional value of cucumber. A high nutritional value means that a cucumber contains many healthy nutrients. That’s why Tommies snack cucumbers are such a good snack!

The nutritional value is a summary of the amount of energy per 100 gram serving. A full meal with high nutritional value contains:
– Sufficient energy (kcal)
– Many useful nutrients

There are many foods that are high in calories but contain only a few healthy nutrients. These foods have no value in your healthy diet. But the nutritional value of cucumber can be a good addition to your diet. What is the nutritional value of cucumber exactly? On this page we will look more closely at the nutritional value of cucumber.

What is the nutritional value of cucumber?

Cucumber has a high nutritional value. On average 100 grams of cucumber gives 62 kilojoules of energy. Your body gets this energy mainly from the carbohydrates present. Snack cucumbers are free from saturated fats and cholesterol, which also contributes to the high nutritional value.

The nutritional value of cucumber comes in large part from the presence of the nutrient potassium. Snack cucumbers contain 140 milligrams of potassium per 100 gram serving.

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