Cucumber Healthy?

Is cucumber healthy?

If you’re looking for a snack as part of a healthy diet, cucumber is a healthy alternative to snacks. Snack cucumbers are the ideal replacement for unhealthy snacks!

Eating a wide range of foods is an important aspect of a healthy diet. To get all the nutrients you need, it is important to eat plenty of vegetables in addition to fruit and bread. It’s not a good idea to eat unhealthy snacks that are high in saturated fats and salt. It’s precisely for this reason that cucumber is so healthy: it helps you to eat enough vegetables every day and replaces bad snacks! So snack healthily with snack cucumbers!

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vegetables is 200 grams for a person aged 14 or older. As the figures below show, most people do not manage this:
– Only 1% of people aged 7-18 eat the RDA of vegetables
– On average, people aged 7-18 years only eat 77 grams of vegetables daily.

Cucumber is a healthy snack to include in your diet or that of your child(ren) for the following reasons:
– Snack cucumbers can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of day, because they are easy to take along with you.
– Cucumber is healthy, because it contains many nutrients and is low in calories.
– Just 3 snack cucumbers already make up half the daily requirement of vegetables.
– With snack cucumbers as a snack, or with your lunch, your vegetable consumption is spread across the whole day.

Why is cucumber healthy?

Cucumber contains an enormous amount of water. And more than that – this water is purified in a natural way, meaning that it is of higher quality than ordinary water. This water makes cucumber good for the skin. It provides extra hydration, which helps to prevent ageing of and blemishes on the skin.

Cucumber is also very healthy for cleansing the body. Snack cucumbers help your body to dispose of old waste and toxins. This makes cucumber a healthy food for the bladder, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Thanks to the purifying effect, snack cucumbers as a snack help to decrease the risk of bladder, kidney, liver and pancreas complaints.

Why else is cucumber healthy? Snack cucumbers from Tommies are rich in silica. Silica helps to build healthy tissues in the muscles, tendons, cartilage and bone.

Cucumber is also good for blood clotting. Cucumber contains a lot of vitamin K, which helps blood to clot quickly. 100 grams of our snack cucumbers give you 20% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin K. As well as blood clotting, the vitamin K in cucumber is healthy for the brain, and for building strong bones.

So there are many answers to the question, ‘Why is cucumber healthy?’ One thing is clear, the snack cucumbers from Tommies are extremely healthy!

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