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Calories in sweet pepper

The basic principles of a healthy diet are to eat a variety of food and not to eat too much. This means that you should eat foods from every level of the Healthy Food Pyramid, but at the same time make sure that you don’t eat too many calories in a day. How many calories can you eat and drink per day? Which foods are healthy and low in calories? How many calories does a sweet pepper contain? And exactly how many calories are there in our snack peppers? On this page we tell you everything you need to know about calories and sweet peppers and we answer all these questions. We can share the most important conclusion already:

Sweet peppers and our snack peppers are low in calories. Therefore the snack peppers from Tommies are a good snack for healthy eaters!

How many calories should you eat in one day?

The number of calories that you can eat daily depends on the following things:
– Sex
– Age
– Activity level

Men should consume more calories than women, and younger – or much older – people require fewer calories than young adults. The level of activity makes a difference too. A sedentary lifestyle is one in which you don’t get enough daily exercise, for example because your work often requires you to be seated. In an active lifestyle you get enough exercise each day. People under 18 need to get an hour of exercise each day. For adults a minimum of half an hour of exercise per day is recommended.

What is the number of calories in sweet pepper?

For a healthy diet that is low in calories, sweet pepper is highly recommended. There are very few calories in sweet pepper. And on the other hand, sweet peppers contain many good nutrients for your health. Sweet pepper is rich in folate, vitamin C and vitamin E. These nutrients are healthy for our immune systems, energy, blood vessels, bones, teeth, gums, skin and cells. Per 100 gram serving, sweet pepper contains 13 calories. This is just a very small part of the recommended daily allowance, while you’ve already had half of the required vegetables. If you want to eat healthily and without hassle, Tommies snack peppers are an excellent addition to your diet.

How many calories are there in snack peppers?

Snack peppers contain just 28 calories per 100 grams. With just a couple of snack peppers you’ve already had half your daily requirement of vegetables, but only a small number of the recommended calories. As part of a healthy diet you can eat three snacks per day, provided that these contain a maximum of 110 kcal. Due to the low number of calories in sweet peppers, Tommies snack peppers are ideal for this! Take a handful of snack peppers to school or work and you’ve got your healthy snacks sorted.

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