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Calories in cucumber

If you’re aiming for a healthy diet, it is important to eat a wide range of foods. So it’s useful to eat and drink from all the levels of the famous Healthy Eating Pyramid. Of course it’s also wise not to eat too much. So make sure that you don’t eat too many calories in a day. What is the number of calories that you should have? Which foods are healthy and low in calories? How many calories are there in cucumber? And how many calories are there in the Tommies snack cucumbers? Read all the information about calories and cucumber on this page and get answers to all these questions. We can already tell you the most important conclusion:

Snack Cucumbers from Tommies are low in calories and therefore very healthy!

How many calories should you eat in one day?
Depending on age, sex, and activity level, the number of calories you should eat in a day varies from person to person. The recommended number of calories differs between men and women, different ages, and an active or less active lifestyle. An active lifestyle means that you get sufficient exercise each day. People under 18 need an hour of exercise per day. Adults need at least half an hour of exercise a day to get enough.

What is the number of calories in cucumber?

Do you want to eat healthy low-calorie food? Then Tommies snack cucumbers are a smart choice! There are few calories in cucumber, while it contains a lot of good nutrients.
Per 100 grams there are only 13 kcal in cucumbers. Cucumbers are not only low in calories, but also contain a lot of vitamins, silica and water for a hydrating and purifying effect. This means that cucumbers are healthy for the skin, for purifying the organs, blood clotting, and muscle and bone growth.

How many calories are there in snack cucumbers?

Cucumbers contain just 13 kilocalories per 100 grams. Tommies snack cucumbers contain around 3 kcal per snack cucumber. With a few snack cucumbers per day you get half the daily recommended allowance of vegetables, with only 13 calories.

A healthy diet has room for snacks, as long as they are as healthy as our snack vegetables. Take a handful of snack cucumbers in your lunchbox when you go to school or work, and you are assured of a diet with healthy snacks.

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