Snack tomatoes

Here it is, the famous Tommies Snack Tomato, the one everyone likes best. A smart candy, filled with vitamins, fibres and other useful nutrients. There’s no fat in tomatoes, so they fit perfectly in everyones responsible food pattern.

Tommies are mini prune tomatoes, the sweetest in the world, grown exclusively by Tommies of special Japanese tomato seed. Only the real Tommies taste like the real Tommies. No one but Tommies is entitled to use this super seed. Tommies cherry tomatoes are an exclusive brand, maybe sometimes a bit more expensive than others, but also the tastiest ones.

You can get Tommies in various packages. The small bags are filled with 125 grams of Tommies, nice to share them with others. Having a party? Then use the bigger bags with 250 grams. On the road? Fancy a healthy tasteful bite… use the ever handy ShakeMug. Thanks to this special mug the cherry tomatoes remain fresh and clean. Furthermore, you can easily grab into the contents of this mug.

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